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Nancy Mangini has been a life-long devotee of science fiction, beginning with the iconic novels of Asimov and Clarke. An avid reader at the age of 5, she remembers being told by the children’s librarian in her hometown of Burlingame, CA that she could only read books from the ‘girls’ section. So she crept into the ‘boys’ section to find that they were allowed to read such exciting adventures as David Starr, Space Ranger and Caves of Steel. From that time to this, Nancy has followed and read most writers in the genre, spinning her own stories from time to time.


Always fascinated with math and science (something girls were not encouraged to do in the ‘50s and ‘60s), Nancy began her professional career as a pharmacist only to leave it behind in the ‘70’s to bring her communication skills to the revolution in personal computing that was sweeping the San Francisco Bay Area’s Silicon Valley. Over the next several decades, she authored a wide variety of technical and scientific publications that ‘told the story’ of the innovations and products shaping the cultural and economic landscape of the 21st Century.


In 2007, Nancy joined a research company based at NASA Ames to document the cutting edge breakthroughs happening in the field of aerospace, elated to finally be working with the real life Space Rangers.


Upon her retirement from NASA, Nancy began work on the first book of a science fiction trilogy entitled Innovasion! Book One - Attack! which is  available in hard copy through direct sale by the author for $29.95 USD. 

Innovasion! Book Two - Pushback! is currently in development and should be available in hard copy by early 2023.

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